Humanitarian Track

Poster Presentation: Green Energy

The event targets at extracting out the designing, researching and presentation skills all at once keeping in mind the theme of “Green Energy”. The attendees belonging to those numerous Student Branches would dig deep through the strongest points of green energy, inhale its benefits, and understand the aim. Various SB’s who had already conducted such events, would inculcate their whole event in a single poster, which would be a strategic task i.e. to not load the poster with too many attributes but at the same time adding enough elements to present explicitly their aim and output. This will allow all the SB’s to further organize such events and to be aware of other SB’S events.


  • Only one team per Student Branch can participate (Max members in a team : 3)
  • The poster might contain all the events or projects organized by the SB as per one’s choice and should contain the below

    1. Overview of project or event
    2. SDG s alligned; click to see SDGs
    3. Outcome
    4. Road map & future direction of project
    5. Importance on location of project or event

  • The IEEE Brand guidelines must be fulfilled.
  • The poster must contain the logo of IPRECON and poster could be of your preferable resolution.

  • The poster must be submitted in pdf format (max size : 10mb) with the SB’s name (no abbreviations).
  • All posters would be publicized through social media platforms.
  • The team members of the few selected posters would present the same in the global conference through live session.
  • Each team would be provided with maximum 10 minutes.
  • Teams would be evaluated based on the authenticity of the design, fluency of presentation and interaction as well as awareness of each team member on the topic by the judging panel which would be the final decision!